One comment on “Split Enz – Live In London – 1977 – Nights At The Roundtable: Mini-Concert Edition

  1. Cheers once again, Gordon! I’ve gone through more than a few copies of Mental Notes as well…it was on Chrysalis with a Manzanera production…sold! (Remember when you’d investigate something just because it was on a reputable label, with the bonus of a brilliant producer?)

    Thoroughly infatuated, I found out about the original version of Mental Notes on Mushroom, and called down to Oz from Ann Arbor, MI (in those days, a sizable bit of change!) to order both the original Mental Notes and Second Thoughts (the Aussie name for the Manzanera version). Mushroom were lovely and sent along 8x10s that I stared intently at while listening to the original Mental Notes…despite my love for Manzanera, a much better album, I thought.

    And as good as Tim Finn was, his brother Neil became brilliant almost overnight.

    Not to mention Phil Judd, the original mastermind of the band…after he left, we had to wait awhile, but his latter bands, the Swingers, Schnell Fenster and his solo albums were constantly on the turntable. (Unfortunately, he was convicted on a paedophile charge. Actually, make that *fortunately*…no matter how brilliant you are–and he is–that’s inexcusable.)

    But I’m going to forget all that while listening to this show (actually, he’s probably not in this incarnation, though I hope so) and take a trip back…oh, god…36 years ago (!) and enjoy, I’m sure.

    Thanks again!

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