3 comments on “Getting Ready For the Spring Offensive – May 13, 1951

  1. George Marshall expressed qualms about relieving MacArthur to Truman, who then requested Marshall review his all his correspondence with the general since the outbreak of the war. Marshall was waiting for Truman when the president got to his office the next morning, and told him (and I paraphrase): “You should have fired him months ago”.

  2. That last clip of a Commercial “Radio Moscow”, was hilarious!!Anyone who lived in the 1950’s should remember listening to Radio Moscow, and the thought of mimicking American Media was really on their minds, though they tried to downplay the differences between the two Systems. The Song, “His Heart doesn’t belong to Daddy” was very pointed for the time. Marshall Tito was indeed breaking ranks with His Comrades(He received quite a bit of advanced American Military equipment as a result!)

  3. JWL- Your comments about General Marshall are correct. Many thought Mac Arthur wanted an all out war against Communism. Something I think President Truman handled very well, if not politically Clumsy, by discharging Mac Arthur. I think that one move ultimately lost him the 1952 Elections.

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