5 comments on “Orchestre de la Suisse Romande With Ernest Ansermet And Artur Rubinstein Play Music Of Beethoven, Brahms and de Falla In Concert – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

  1. Espace 2 does not specify any date on the website but at the beginning of the concert, the announcer gives “le vingt-sept avril dix-neuf cent soixante,” which would make it April 27, 1960. Curiously, the OSR archive at http://www.osr.ch/page.asp?pageid=26 does not show such a concert or any concert on that date, though it does show Ansermet and Rubinstein collaborating on these two works in 1930 (Brahms) and 1926 (de Falla.) So something does not quite compute. I can only gape in astonishment at the Rubinstein playing the knuckle-busting Brahms and then following it with the de Falla as an encore!

    • What that date might be, just possibly, is the date of broadcast rather than the date of performance. I’ve noticed with most European outlets their concert offerings during the course of a week are a combination of live-on-site and delayed broadcast. Since I’m not familiar with what RTS keeps as far as archiving, this could possibly be from a collector, and the date could mean just about anything. I was always under the impression most European Broadcasters were meticulous about keeping broadcast records. From all the reports I’ve gotten from various sources, seems I was a bit wrong. I love history . . . .most of the time.
      Thanks for the eagle eyes and ears on this one!

  2. The OSR website does not list any of the many radio concerts that were performed by the orchestra, and that may explain why this concert is not listed (I too searched for it). There is a CD release of the Falla and that performance was given a 1960 date also. I’m under the impression that is the same performance here. I’m not convinced the Brahms is from the same concert.

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