4 comments on “Howard Hanson Conducts Howard Hanson – 1953 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

  1. Many thanks for this!

    So maybe a reminder now and then about the vast untapped libraries of undiscovered and long-forgotten works might be a good thing.

    Have you come across unsungcomposers.com?

  2. Dear Gordon, This is a private message for you: I’m not sure whether you might have it, but may I put in a very humble request for an NBC concert under the direction of Juan Jose Castro? He conducted some NBC concerts in the 1940s and I think at least one of them was broadcast. I’m really grateful for all your Sunday Gramophone postings – look at them every week without fail! And the Ansermet this week was a big surprise. Incidentally, Ansermet was a very great friend of Castro’s and performed his music in many countries. Their friendship went back to the 1920s. If you possibly could find the Castro, you would be pleasantly surprised. Best, Maestro

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