4 comments on “French National Orchestra With Eugene Bigot Play Music Of Barraud – 1952 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR ! what a wonderful way to start 2013 with Henry Barraud’s music. A leading figure in French music landcape. Also known for years for his fantastic radio programs every Sundy morning (France Culture channel), classical music was analysed in such a clever way that it became accessible for everyone !!! My teacher André Girard has conducted a lot of his music, both were great people !!!!

    • Thank you so much for all the wonderful information and insights. It’s always a great pleasure to hear from you. There will be many, many more rare recordings posted in 2013, thanks to readers like you. Because of your support I will keep doing it. My best wishes to you for the coming year and my continued gratitude for your encouragement and support.

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