2 comments on “Slade – Live At The 1980 Reading Festival – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

  1. So if the BBC recorded everything at this festival,do they also have/own the video footage too? Which has never seen the light of day.Photos exist of Slade being filmed but footage remaining elusive must be the understatement of the year.Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated,thank you.

    • It’s hard to say. I know much of what the BBC has done in the past has been wiped or otherwise lost. A lot of things currently available via the BBC are actually materials purchased back from private collectors who either made airchecks or who got hold of the original BBC Transcription Service discs. The videos may be a different story, although I suspect the individual record companies may have those portions of the festival their acts were in. I know Island for quite some time had an extensive video library of performances (not music videos – everybody has those). Whether Polydor did it or the other labels did, is a matter of speculation. In Slade’s case, I would probably contact someone at Universal and then track-back to their management at the time and see what possibly turns up. Stuff turns up all the time in the strangest of places – assume it probably exists.

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