4 comments on “M (Aka: Matthieu Chedid) – Live In Paris – Past Daily Backstage Weekend: Rock Without Borders Edition

  1. I agree, Matthieu Chedid is the best thing to happen to rock music in a very long time. His El Rey show was definitely the beginning of something big, something I like to call music’s French Revolution. Next time he plays in the US, I hope the audience will let him have a little more room to go into the audience and play a guitar solo or two; I’ve seen him do that in numberous other shows, so I was a little concerned when the L.A. audience didn’t catch on to what he was doing and started crowding him. Fortunately, he’s a survivor.

    • Thanks Donna! I’m sorry I missed the El Rey show, but I have the feeling he’ll be back – I’m wondering if SXSW or Coachella might be in his agenda this year. Keep me posted – and I’m always up for requests and suggestions.

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