One comment on “Sonny Rollins Trio – Live In Munich – 1965 – Past Daily Downbeat.

  1. Gordon, I saw Sonny at an outdoor festival in Toledo, Ohio, in the ’90s sometime, in company with my then-wife and another married couple who had been my friends for ages. My buddy Rick had been a mentor to me about jazz because he was five years older, and, to boot, my old college acquaintance, Jerry (now Jerome) Harris, who I believe, is related to Sonny somehow, was the guitarist in the ensemble. It was a great set, and Ricky and I enthused throughout the evening. Near the end, Sonny launched into one of his trademark, nine-minute cadenzas that went higher and higher. I seized my wife and kissed her and, in a fit of musical transport, asked, “Isn’t he great?” “Yes,” she said, “but he doesn’t seem to know when to stop.” We are no longer married.

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