6 comments on “Ahmad Jamal – 1966 – Nights At The Roundtable

  1. I haven’t heard this one but am a huge fan of “Live at Montreaux”. I have seen his name here and there but not gotten to know him well. I think I’ll play some of his music on my show on Public Radio this Sunday. Cheers.

      • No worries – although he’s recorded so much, I think there probably is an album of him at Montreaux. Incidentally, the album I took this track off of hasn’t been on CD yet. It’s still only on lp.

      • Nice. I get to play LP’s on my show and it is so much more pleasing than mp3’s. You might get a kick out of this. I had a young guy from the local college radio station on while I was doing a blues show so I could show him some music. I told him to pick some vinyl and throw it on. He picked but when it came to throwing it on he hemmed and hawed until asking how to use a record player. I was amused but also felt a bit old!

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