4 comments on “September 13, 1951 – Edward R. Murrow And The News

  1. Hi Gordon, I have noticed over the last weeks that you are re-posting Newstagliga items what speech recordings concerns. Is this on purpose or just by accident?
    Thanks fpr posting, anyway.

    • Hi Bernard: Thanks for your note. A few months ago there was a system outage that wiped out several months of Newstalgia posts. In the meantime, when I decided to leave Crooks and Liars and start Past Daily, the site was closed and those, and all the other posts have been not available. Since Past Daily has reached a different audience, most of them haven’t seen the original posts I did two and three years ago. So I have been putting them up, not only for the benefit of the new audience but also the older audience that missed them the first time around. Also, there was an issue of sound quality from the old player for music. The new one on Past Daily is considerably better and I’ve been putting up some of the older music posts purely from a technical standpoint in answer to audience requests. Still, I am trying to keep the reposts to a minimum as I know there are a lot of people who have been following this post since it started. For that I’m grateful. Thanks again for all your support and kind words. Best, Gordon

      • Just thought I would let you know; that I am a lurker. I am a blogger and quite the Conservative, But I am a lover of history, and a former Democratic Party voter. I love the historical news audio and some of the older music. Good job my friend, keep it up!

      • No such thing as a lurker, especially with this site;) Glad you like it. History is the key element here. People forget a lot. I just try and help them remember.

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