2 comments on “Newstalgia Weekend Gramophone – Music Of Poulenc With The French National Orchestra – 1949

  1. I don’t know if my message got through, so I’ll try again (haven’t used this before!). Your French broadcasts are very popular and a real treasure trove. There is just one thing I would plead for: higher bitrates. It would make listening so much more enjoyable. Of course I am grateful to be able to hear these at all, so I don’t want to sound as though I am ungrateful, but perhaps you might consider 256kb/s, which would be about right for your historical recordings. It would be great if you could re-upload your past postings here that were on the old site. Many thanks anyway for allowing us to discover these wonderful recordings!

    • Yes, I know about the quality situation. I have noticed the older posts from my other site were pretty awful and I am trying to re-post all of those on this site, which has a much better bit-rate. Even though I process everything at 24bits, I am still hampered by what is available to me here (16bits) and the quality of the original transcription discs. The one consideration I am dealing with is to either go back and re-post the older ones, or continue on and post new ones. All told, there are some 700 pieces and the vast majority haven’t been posted yet. But I understand what you’re saying and I’m working on it. Perhaps I will alternate in order to upgrade the old posts and keep the new posts flowing. I really appreciate your comments on the French broadcasts. I was afraid I was putting too much emphasis on those and the audience was getting tired of them. It also became something a misnomer – calling the feature “Weekend Gramophone” and paying little attention to 78’s in favor of radio broadcasts. Still, I’m glad you like them and it gives me a good indication of where the popularity is. Sometimes you just never know what people like – it’s just me and this computer screen and I am often afraid it’s the sound of one hand clapping. Thanks so much! Gordon

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